Pimlico Townhouse (1) London

Situated on a corner with fabulously large windows on 3 of its 4 sides, this Pimlico townhouse was converted into separate living quarters for two siblings wanting to live together yet independently. Our brief was to bring together and manage a large team required for this property which required a wholesale refurbishment including a complete remodelling of the lower ground floor.

Each apartment was quite different from the other with this – the lower one – bringing together eclectic, artistic elements such as Andy Warhol Beatles prints, paperbacked sapphire blue silk walls in the master bedroom and a spectacular Matisse inspired mural painted on site by our specialist painter. Bespoke joinery formed a key element of this apartment to utilise fully several unusual vaulted spaces at lower ground level and to give the client the extensive storage that she required for her clothes and collection of shoes and handbags.

We also installed a photo studio for photo shoots with a separate dark room for our photographer client.